Development in Waterloo

Do any Waterloo locals have information on Auburn Development’s $140 million BarrelYards project going on the Canbar lands? All I can find is this Waterloo Chronicle article about it.

250 luxury rental and condominium apartments into a seven-building layout on the 12.7-acre site. In addition to the seven to 17-storey condo and apartment buildings revealed at a press conference at the CIGI last Wednesday, there will also be a 120- to 150-room all-suites hotel on the site, and an upscale office building with 15,000 square feet of space.

Is anything else going on in Uptown? What’s happening with Waterloo Town Square? Is it still a ghetto? Any changes taking place on Erb Street?

I still own property on Erb and am wondering what to do with it :).

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  1. Anonymous Guy says:

    I’m actually sitting in a new pizza place in Waterloo Town Square eating at a gourmet pizza place as I type. They tore down the bad half of Waterloo Town Square (the office buildings, the K-mart/Liquidation World/A&W/women’s gym side), extended Willis Way through to Caroline, and are building 3 new builds on the other side. KPMG and RBC Dominion Securities are moving into the new developments, as well as a new LCBO, Starbucks, Cafe Demetre (sp?) And more space is available for lease. So its a lot smaller, doesn’t feel ghetto anymore (they redid the flooring/walls/etc which made it feel more modern), there’s more higher end specialty stores (shoes, home decor, etc) and there’s much more work underway. Not much going on on Erb, but the PI stands out nicely.

  2. Hung says:

    They’ve definitely modernized the Uptown Waterloo Square with restaurants (i.e. the Rude Native) and revamped the whole shopping centre there. It’s definitely not what it used to look like in early 2000.

  3. It is becoming a yuppie paradise… but balances students and young families needs as well. It is pretty crazy considering the state it was in a few years ago.

  4. Mel says:

    If you want to take a look at what it’s like now…

    A block south on King St. they’re also redeveloping the Bauer warehouse into lofts, and I’ve heard Vincenzo’s and a bunch of other specialty stores will eventually be moving in on the ground floor.

  5. Anne Ramer says:

    I love Uptown Waterloo, do all my shopping there, dining, banking….was concerned about the new developement and made a call to the City of Waterloo. One of our Councilors called me back and during our chat said “the new development is not really geared to Seniors”! This really surprised me considering the huge property taxes the city receives from the 272 Waterpark Place owners at 4 and 6 Willow, the Terrace on the Square and Luther Village, just to mention a few. Where do you think these people should “shop”??!!

  6. hez says:

    i’m trying desperately to find an apartment in uptown near all of these things. all of my friends live near there and i also work near there. if anyone has any information please email me at

  7. hez says:

    p.s. you’re cute you should move back to waterloo.

  8. Greg says:

    Matt I don’t know if it was you that posted me at but here is a link of the development … if you haven’t found already.

    Cheers, Greg

  9. Pete says:

    I have also been following the development scene in Waterloo. I would like to see a condo that is designed for the 25-35 age group. Where is the place you own on Erb?

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