Road bikes rule

After stopping by the local bike shop to make sure my bike was fitting me correctly I ripped around the neighborhood. And I couldn’t believe how much fun it was. I seriously regret not trying this sport out sooner! It really is a blast, especially here in Seattle with all the ups and downs.

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  1. sean says:

    Dude – a few things: did you ask the guys at the shop what year your bike was? They’d probably have a clue.

    Also – is there a big cyclocross scene out there? I imagine it’d be pretty big – if so – you should try to hop on that.

  2. Talk to JF… my old road bike (2003) is in the store for sale… Full DuraAce, 58cm (18″) frame… would probably fit you pretty damn good…

    $2000CND for a bike that was $4400 new… In great condition, you know how well the boys in the shop work it…

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