NYE 2005

Wow, New Years Eve 2005 was a lot of fun.

Matt and John on NYE

The night started with a small group of us having a potluck dinner at our friend Alex’s house. After stuffing ourselves for several hours several different groups of people (the Microsofties, the Amazonians and those dating one or the other) converged on Trinity in Pioneer Square for around 10. Seeing as we paid a whole bunch of money two weeks ago we were all able to by pass the lines and were escorted up to ‘The Goyer Party’ in theVIP mezzanine. We used this as our home base for the next four hours of drinking (we drank $1000 worth of alcohol) and dancing (two dance floors kept us all happy).

VIP at Trinity on NYE 2005

I have to admit that the night before New Years Eve I had a hard time sleeping because of all the nightmares I was having about NYE 2005 going badly. I was worried because as the organizer I had convinced 20 of my friends to plunk down $125 each on a club that many of them had never been too. Thankfully, it certainly seemed like everyone had a blast, but regardless I was still a bit anxious throughout the evening and so looking back it felt like time zipped right by when I would have preferred to have it feel like the night lasted forever. I’m sure next year I’ll feel much more confident about the situation.

While we did have a great time, next time I’ll book earlier so we can get into the proper VIP room (it’s air conditioned and has a bar). I’d also recommend that Trinity have more than one server working the VIP area. I think our server had a much more stressful night than I did!

After Trinity we ended up at a small house party. While some of us fell asleep others hit the hot tub. I think I got home at 6am and didn’t wake up until well past 2.

My photos. Ming’s photos.

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4 Responses to NYE 2005

  1. John says:

    Matt, that smile makes me think you’re trying to sell me a used car.

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    Don’t you remember? I sold you the Neon NYE for $5000.

  3. Ming says:

    John, I thought you promised to buy my car.

  4. John says:

    So THAT’s what I’m so upset about in Ming’s picture!

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