Designer alarm clocks

I’ve been looking to replace my ugly white fifteen year old Sony alarm clock with something a bit more modern (complete with glow in the dark stars that my sister put on when she borrowed it). My family did some investigation and turned up a Jacob Jensen designed alarm clock. It appears to be a bit hard to find to purchase, but certainly looks nice:

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4 Responses to Designer alarm clocks

  1. jackie says:

    Isn’t it “glow-in-the-dark?”?

  2. Tim says:

    This alarm clock is OK. Nice to look at, but not a great alarm clcok. I have been using one for the last couple of years and it looks nice in our bedroom, but its a pain to set the alarm on, and you cant have multiple alarms on different days etc.

  3. wilbur says:

    The Jacob Jensen alarm clock shown above was originally designed for
    Europe and comes with their version of what we call ‘Radio Controlled’ or
    ‘Atomic Clock’ time keeping ( as well as modular attachments for weather etc.)
    The American shipped version ( should sell for no more than 35 bucks US ) does
    not have the ‘Atomic Clock’ sync. built in ( or it just doesn’t work ).
    That’s why the Euro version costs more.
    Looks great but who wants to show up late because you forgot to replace
    slow batteries or forgot about daylight savings. There are Japanese wristwatches
    that work on all continents that use different radio sync signals – so I would
    boycott this version and let them figure out why until they replace the guts.

  4. Petar says:

    Don’t get this clock. It looks great but it is useless. Numbers are almost invisible. It glows in the dark only if you press it.

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