Family Coming to Seattle – What To Do?

My sisters and dad (who live in Winnipeg) are visiting next weekend and I’m wondering how to entertain them… They’ll be driving down from Vancouver during the day, likely stopping at all the outlet malls along the way, may still want to do more shopping in Seattle either Saturday or Sunday, then Monday they’re driving back and contemplating swinging by La Push (which would be the furthest side trip ever…). While here Saturday and Sunday I need some more ideas though considering that they’ve all been to Seattle once or twice before, but not recently. This is what I’ve got so far:

  • Stuff your face breakfast options: Portage Bay Cafe
  • Other breakfast options (on the Hill): Barrio
  • Dinner options (looking for very Seattle options): Etta’s? Anchovy and Olive? Tavolata?
  • Activity options: day trip to Rainier (Paradise), ferry ride to Bainbridge, sailing at wooden boat club, float plane ride, the market, monorail ride to Seattle Center, Smith Tower, Museum of Flight,…?
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2 Responses to Family Coming to Seattle – What To Do?

  1. Peter Hill says:

    My parents loved the Electric Boat Company when they were out here a few weeks ago. We packed wine and a picnic dinner and toured Lake Union, Portage Bay, and then made our way over to Ballard. Was a good time.

  2. Sean says:

    Had to have a more Seattle dinner than Matt’s in the Market (

    Caffe Presse and Oddfellows are also great for breakfast on the Hill.

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