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links for 2008-10-18

HouseValues changing name to Market Leader – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle): Really? Really? (tags: realestate) Gord's Ski and Bike closes – CTV So sad. Real estate: Print vs. Technology: Tale of the Tape "Let me gingerly suggest that spending … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-17

Warren Buffett – Buy American. I Am. – "In short, bad news is an investor’s best friend. It lets you buy a slice of America’s future at a marked-down price." (tags: investing) Inside Facebook » Facebook Announces 25 New … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-15

All You Can Eat | How to cook a new seafood restaurant | Seattle Times Newspaper Blog I love Tavolata and Union. Can't wait for this to open (tags: seattle restaurants)

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links for 2008-10-14

Pb Elemental’s Lead Balloon Bursts | Slog (tags: realestate)

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links for 2008-10-09

Canada Tops List Of Soundest Banking Systems : NPR Time to move home! (tags: banking) Investing Wiki with Research about Companies, Investment Concepts, and more… (tags: investing) 'Alarming' elevated cancer risk in South Seattle linked to air pollution (tags: seattle … Continue reading

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J24 Districts

This past weekend was the J24 Districts. Friday we all took the day off optimistic we’d have a great day of racing only to sit around the club all day watching the rain and waiting for wind. Saturday we got … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-07

Super Angel Ron Conway To Would-Be Startups: Don't Quit Your Day Jobs So, Jeff? (tags: startups) What To Look For Next – A VC Time to double down? (tags: investment) NHL in HD Schedule | HD Sports Guide (tags: tv)

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Strategy For Saving More

I made the mistake of checking in on my 401k; it’s down (only?) 29% from the beginning of the year. Thankfully I have another thirty odd years before “retirement.” In addition to saving for retirement I occasionally try to save … Continue reading

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Need a Hand Towel at the Buck?

From the bathroom at the newest bar on Capitol Hill:

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links for 2008-10-06

Nero LiquidTV / TiVo PC brings TiVo interface to the PC – Engadget HD Tivo on the PC. Interesting. (tags: lrpc tivo mediacenter) Local News | Ski lift ticket prices rising at Wash. resorts | Seattle Times Newspaper "A survey … Continue reading

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