Morale event at the Ferrari dealership

I live beside a Ferrari and Maserati dealership; this is the view out my window:


So when Jeff mentioned that he had a voucher for free Omaha steaks if he test drove a Maserati we decided to have a small morale event. This week the two of us took an hour off work and took one of their new Quattroporte Automatic’s for a ride (this dealer gets 35 a year.) It was very Entourage with Jeff driving and me riding shotgun. Sadly the pre-defined route was through a school zone so I don’t think we ever got above second. However we did find out some trivia:

  • The waiting list for a Ferrari here is 3-4 years
  • You can’t test drive any of their Ferrari’s. But you can trade it in if you don’t like it
  • There is an underground storage facility but it is very top secret. Apparently it houses A LOT of Ferraris for rich people whose garages are full
  • Ferrari’s don’t really depreciate
  • But you can get into an older one for $90k
  • Jeff says all their prices are inflated but that makes sense in case they get a lotto winner walking in
  • They’re considering opening a Bellevue location
  • Most of their inventory is on Craigslist

How much longer until that IPO? Apparently with a 3-4 year waiting list we should reserve ours now. Turns out you don’t need to pay a deposit until four months before it ships.

The funny thing is that we took the bus back to the office. Ah, to dream.

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4 Responses to Morale event at the Ferrari dealership

  1. Brad says:

    Morale event? Glad to see that you haven’t lost your Micro-speak ;-)

  2. Dad says:

    Is it true that Neons, like the Ferrari never depreciate, just self-destruct.

  3. Tammy says:

    Nice moral event. That must’ve felt like a long bus ride back to the office!

  4. Bahn says:

    $345k for a used F430 Spider?! That’s a tad bit of a mark up.

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