Halloween 06 again

After putting so much effort into Saturday night and having such a blast I didn’t think I would be able to make it out again for Halloween proper. Well, I did! Now while I did not get home until 8pm I was able to quickly brainstorm an idea, rush to Value Village and pick up the necessary black jeans and a dark red-ish shirt, then I hit up the grocery store for some white out and washable markers (unfortunately Redlight was already closed but I was able to make do at the first two places.)

Here is the result:

I won!I won! Hosted on Zooomr

With a close-up on the neck:

Jeffrey's neck tattooJeffrey’s neck tattoo Hosted on Zooomr

Now I was pretty sad how un-recognized my costume was at Linda’s and Havana, you think Capitol Hill would have been dialed into this fad, but no.. Thankfully a few gays made my night while walking home:

Random guy: ‘is that a real tattoo on your neck?’

Me: ‘no, i did it with this Crayola washable marker’ (Ben really wanted me to use a Sharpie but I was skeptical I’d be able to remove the next morning)

Random guy: ‘wow, you know who has a tattoo like that, Jeffrey from Project Runway’

Me: ‘oh really?’

Random guy: ‘wait, you have cut off black pants, sneakers, wow, good costume!’

Well, don’t take some random guy’s opinion, here’s Jeffrey’s picture, how did I do?

Big thanks to Stina for altering my $6 in clothing and tattoo’ing my neck.

Once out we saw some good costumes like, Hulk Hogan and Steve (too soon!), Mr.T and pothead, Robinhood and construction worker-lady and Barbie fan.

See all the photos from last night.

Update: Ben A. pointed out another person who dressed up as a Project Runway participant.

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2 Responses to Halloween 06 again

  1. Kristel says:


    You don’t know me but I found your blog through your condo blog…hope it’s okay.

    I just HAD to tell you this costume idea is fabulous…sorta wish I’d thought up something like that myself!

  2. kristi says:

    you were only unrecognizable because to most of the hill it looked like you didn’t even dress up!

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