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Best Season Yet

This summer hockey season on Red Army has been my best season yet (started with a hattrick!). Unfortunately it’s been cut short by sailing. Here’s how I ended:

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Wingdome closed!

We went to grab some wings and watch Entourage tonight only to discover that the Wingdome is ‘closed for renovations’ until sometime in September. How can it take two months to renovate a 500 sq ft place!? Or is this … Continue reading

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UX suggestion for delicious

I just started playing with delicious and have no idea how to add a new item (I’m using Flock as my browser but it won’t log me in to One suggestion I have for them is improve their ‘no … Continue reading

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July long weekend

I really need to blog more… What holds me back is thinking that each post needs to be well written. Time to throw that rule away and get back to quick and dirty blogging. So for the July long weekend … Continue reading

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Quick kill PMing

Dr.Dobb’s Journal, Quick-Kill Project Management: How to do smart software development even when facing impossible schedules.

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GOA finds little H1b abuse

I recently posted about immigration reform. Kevin Schofield posted about H1B abuse and had this to say about the findings of a recent report: H1-B visa applications require the employer to list the salary of the position, and to attest … Continue reading

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Fun with helmets late at night

(Posting because I’d like a free Zooomr pro account)

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Biking: Suntop

This weekend we rode Suntop (click for photos, maps and stats). Or more accurately, down Suntop. Overall we descended over 4000 vertical feet. Fortunately we were able to ride up 3250 of that in a car (though we did end … Continue reading

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Alarm clock

One of these days I’ll get a new alarm clock… Perhaps this one, ON-OFF:

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