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Seattle Times, Under pressure, Microsoft fights to keep its workers. Top technology talent no longer automatically heads to Microsoft. The company now contends with the gleam of Google and other competitors, as well as internal employment issues. But Microsoft showed … Continue reading

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Seattle J24 Fleet

Seattle J24 Fleet. Lots of good info here.

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A Star Is Made

New York Times, A Star Is Made : Their work, compiled in the “Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance,” a 900-page academic book that will be published next month, makes a rather startling assertion: the trait we commonly call … Continue reading

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Lost: 1 Devil Duck Bathmat

Lost Stolen: 1 Devil Duck Bathmat. Last seen outside the door of 305 Bellevue Ave E Apt 204. Please return it ASAP. No questions will be asked.

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Rubbing is Racing

We were second out of twenty five J24’s on the third and last race of the night tonight going up the first upwind leg when we made a quick tack onto port to cover the lead boat. Forty five seconds … Continue reading

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seaVU – Seattle Value Units

This sounds a lot like a Potlatch network. Seattle Value Units: The Seattle Value Units (SeaVU) System is a solution to scarcity, inequality and global dependence. Our mission is to support a vibrant local ecomomy and a strong community network. … Continue reading

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Today we played our first hockey game of the summer season and I scored a hattrick. It’s a career first!

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Green Car Co

After telling my friend about how the Neon broke down yesterday on I-90 (investigation into the cause is still pending but appears to be a problem with the cooling system) he pointed me to the Green Car Co in Kirkland … Continue reading

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No Pizza Pops in Seattle?

Last night I was craving some Pizza Pops (here’s a commercial [wmv]) last night and was surprised that even though I live next to probably one of the largest QFCs in the world, they didn’t have any! I couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Friday evening after weeks of phone calls back and forth with my dealer/service shop, I got my boat back after adding a dual battery, spring tune up, new blower, new bilge exhaust pipes, fixed trailer wiring, hull cleaning and wiring … Continue reading

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