Hockey night in the suburbs

The last two nights we had hockey games at 11:05pm in Kent some thirty minutes south of Seattle. Of course this means I don’t get home until at least 12:30-1am and then I can’t sleep since I’m all wound up.

Unfortunately tonight, the Red Army, the number one team in our division lost our second playoff game in a row and we are now out. The first game we lost 7-8, tonights game we lost in 2-3 in overtime; after 5 minutes sudden death (which we started with a power play because one of their players got a penalty for punching me (I did not retailiate)) we cycled through 12 players in a shoot out! Grrrrrrr. And we out shot them 40-20.

I’d also like to mention that one piece composite sticks are way better than cheap wood ones. After breaking my $150 CCM Vector stick, I spent three months playing with $25 wood sticks (broke two) and just recently got a RBK 7k Pro Lite to replace the CCM (the CCM warranty process is SLOW). This stick is sweet and a thousand times better than the wood ones. I know I don’t have a 70mph slapshot but these one pieces make for very crisp shots and passes. I will never go back to wood again.

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