Anti-mac video

I’m sure, Crash Different, an anti-Mac video, has made the rounds already but I just stumbled upon it. Too funny.

And I just thought I’d complain about the MSN Videos user experience which on this video details page doesn’t show any metadata about the video playing. No title, no description,… Nothing. Very un-user friendly.

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2 Responses to Anti-mac video

  1. thechak says:

    Is this a joke?

    This product requires Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft© Media Player 10, and Macromedia Flash 7. To download these free software applications, click the links below and follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. elvis says:

    OK, so here’s the deal. Macs are ok. They’re “easy” to use, have good bundled software and nice sleek designs. Apple’s iPod is a great device, and very popular.

    But does that make a Mac better than a PC? I think not. First of all, let’s look at Mac’s track record. Only recently have they begun to regain some popularity, remebering their abysmal performace in the 90s, yet they still only make up a tiny percentage of overall PC sales.

    Then there’s the small amount of software that is available for a Mac. Yes, as I said, there is good bundled software that comes with a Mac, but beyond that, you’re pretty limited. The percentage of software made for the PC is in the high 90s with thousands upon thousands of titles available.

    PCs are not hard to use at all. My mother, who has just begun to learn how to use the microwave we got in the 80s, has a Dell and can easily download digital photos from her camera as well as send emails, word process, etc. Actually, the nice thing about PCs is that they adapt to the capabilities of the user. If you want to make changes to programs or preferences, you can easily do it. You can upgrade parts easily on your own, add more memory, hard drive space… pretty much whatever you would want.

    WHy write all of this? I’m just a little pissed that Mac has suddenly come out with this anti-PC ad campaign all of a sudden. They’re not going to convert the world, at least not any time in the near millenium. If I was the underdog (by a long shot) I wouldn’t pounce upon the competition and show their few weak points.

    One final thought: Which computer company just added the capability for their machines to run Windows using Intel chips? Hmmm, wonder why they did that!

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