It’s no secret that I want to own a bar. I often discussed this with my friend Liz who managed our local hangout. She’s since moved to Portland and now Travis is in charge so we started discussing it with him and one of his co-workers tonight. I’ve also discussed it with several other workers in the industry and the theme is consistent; don’t own a bar. Each has their own list of rules that must be followed before opening a bar; they’re all some variation of work in a restaurant for several years, work in a bad bar for several years, work in a good bar for several years and then work in an excellent bar for several years. And even then, be wary, they warn.

But I’m baffled. How much more complex can owning a bar be than shipping software?

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  1. adam says:

    it is probably equally complex. you have been working at shipping software (and learning about it, and all that) for several years. you’ve started your own company to ship software. you’ve worked in a big company shipping software. you got a degree in software. This is starting to look like their list, isnt it… but the problem domain is different.

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