Time for new blogging software

Time for new blogging software. Please be patient while I iron the bugs out.

Update: Looks like everything is working out. I’m now using WordPress instead of Radio Userland. Now I should have better comment support, plugin support for tieing everything together, categories/tags, new look, updated web tech,… The biggest install problem I had with WordPress was that I had to set AllowOverrides in order to get mod_rewrite to work. Who knew.

Tomorrow I’ll switch over my Media Center site.

Note that all my old content is still accessible. I won’t be taking those pages down, unless I get really bored and figure out how to import RU into WordPress and then figure out the appropriate RewriteRule-s.

Thanks to Fahlstad.se for the fDawn theme. I’m sure you’re all glad to see that old design go. Now I just need to drop my own photo in.

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2 Responses to Time for new blogging software

  1. jesse says:

    Nice. I like the new style.

  2. thechak says:

    ooh, it’s all pretty and stuff.

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