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Permalink to this day Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Okay, the full Amsterdam adventures have been posted below. Parents may want to skip over the adventures at the sex show on Sunday night.
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On September 27th I contacted Nike via their website. Today, 3 months later, they replied with a form letter.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Nike Canada.

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Anyone have a really tall ladder? Bastard squirrel from hell has eaten two holes in our roof and is wrecking all sorts of havoc.

I've only found these two holes.. Is it possible for him to eat through shingles and get in? Or did he get in a possibly third way and then eat his way out?

Update: I've called a pest control place and they're going to come do an estimate but she said it's usually upwards of $275! So someone please tell me you have a ladder.
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Some Amsterdam pictures had to be taken offline.. The quote from Natalie was: I did not choose to live on a Big Brother set.

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London - Amsterdam Trip (photos)

November 20th (Wed) - Uneventful flight to Heathrow followed by an uneventful bus ride to Oxford where I promptly slept till I had to meet the gang at the train station so that we could head to London to catch our first Hip show (see below).

November 21st (Thurs) - I was supposed to have lunch with Natalie at 12:30 close to her work but since it was Jenn's birthday the 'whole office' was going to join us for lunch. Unfortunately I slept right through my alarm and a couple subsequent phone calls all the way till 3:00pm. This time around I just wasn't able to handle the time change!

Having screwed that up I went by myself for fish & chips at Carfax and then met the crew for our second trip to London to see the Hip.

November 22nd (Fri) - We woke up very early to catch a two hour long bus ride to Gatwick where we kicked the trip off with a morning beer before getting on an Easyjet flight to Amsterdam.

Upon arriving we let the more frugal members of the group plan our trip from the airport to the hotel. Needless to say, one train ride, a tram ride and 2 hours later we arrived at the hotel. All so we could each save a few euros. Ah well, at least I had a book to read when Gareth and I assumed the 'secondary position'.

We spent our stay at the Hotel Linda and our room had a pretty good view down one of the canals.

Anyhow, shortly after checking in we went straight to the recommended Greenhouse where we got very stoned. We then stumbled our way to a restaurant where we sat in silence for our food to arrive. Next we stumbled home to bed. I think we were asleep before 9pm. Needless to say we wouldn't start smoking that early again!

November 23rd (Sat) -

We started the day off with breaky at the hotel and found out that Jenn had been ravaged by mosiquotos in her hotel room. Very strange but the bites all over her arms and face didn't lie.

At noon we did a Mike's Bike Tour (except for Jenn and Gareth because Jenn can't bike!?). The tour included lots of info on drugs & sex shows (more on sex shows later) and included a stop at a windmill (I have to wait for Francis' photo) and a cheese & clog factory.

In the evening we got all dressed up and went for dinner and then hit a succession of bars (picked out by our local guide Matt) before heading out to a club at 1:30ish where we clubbed it up for 2 hours before crashing at around 4. At this point (supposedly) Jenn and I were very drunk. I nearly killed myself stumbling over the tram tracks trying to get chips before cabbing it back to the Hotel. Fortunately Gareth 'rescued' me for the walk back from the chips place to the club.

November 24th (Sun) -

What goes up, most come down.. Had an awful hangover for most of Sunday (it was my 2nd worst hangover of the term..). But Nat and I went out to the Van Gogh Musuem followed by the Stedelijk Musuem mainly for the Tracey Emin exhbit which I thoroughly enjoyed (I'm a modern art guy, not a portrait and landscape one).

Because you can never drink too much we then headed to the Heineken Experience at the Heineken brewery. The tour was pretty lame hungover/sober *but* we could see how the experience could be very trippy if stoned. So, if you do go on the tour make sure you're stoned or else all the tour is good for is the 3 beers (but at 7.50Euro it's not that good of a deal).

For dinner I had a nice good steak which got me back on track for a night of debauchery in the red light district. Now, someone's girlfriend absolutely insisted that the group go to a sex show so we asked our tour guide from the bike tour which was the best to go to and he said the place with the penis fountain called Casa Rosso. Funny enough it wasn't that hard to find and we paid our 25 euros each and headed in for an hour of non stop sex shows.

Gory details of the show - not for the unadventurous.

November 25th (Mon) -

Nat and I walked around downtown before heading over to Anne Frank's house which was very tastefully done and well worth the trip. It provided a very sobering constrast to the previous nights adventures.

And before we knew it we were back at the airport all heading to our various homes.
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Maeve sent me a link to Make your own Bush speak. In return I think I'm going to send her a link to Make your own weblog Maeve! (Maeve would be the best weblogger ever but something holds her back (probably her fear that eventually she knows she'll make friends over the Internet and then have to meet them in meatspace and I think she finds that just a little too geeky)).

Anywho, I wish I could make Bush say, 'I am a Moron'.
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