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Lynda's Uhaul trip

Ahhh yes, the infamous UHAUL......what can I say. My trip was mid-month from Vernon to Parksville and was nerve provoked as well. I also booked in advance, jumped through hoops, went through all the red tape, did not wait patiently for call backs and gave them my visa number to secure there would be no foul ups. All went well with picking up the truck, taking it home and packing it (when they suggest you take a bigger truck considering the small extra fee - I would, the size for an average 1 bedroom apartment dweller doesn't cut it, I still had to leave a few belongings behind). I had a friend drive the truck while I drove my own car. Well at first I didn't think we would make it to Kelowna. Plumes of dark black smoke billowed out from the exhaust. Various thoughts crossed my mind - like, "If it breaks down - tow it to the island because be damned if you think I'm going to unload and reload onto another truck on the roadside!" etc.etc. But by god we made it, a few quarts of oil later but we made it. I wasn't going to be told where to drop off the truck until I called the 1-800 #, which was fine with me once we got there and unloaded. I was fortunate to only have to drive it a few kilometres down the road. Upon arriving, I parked the truck in an orderly fashion beside all the others and proceeded to the office. A gentleman stopped me and said the lady in the office was out and he could take the keys and paper work, fine with me. I explained that the truck had more gas in it than when I got it despite what the contract said, as well as the oil being topped up. A month later I had a forty dollar fee on my visa from Uhaul as a fuel charge. I went there and nicely but firmly suggested they reverse the charges and they did complete with a printout from her computer. The thing that interested me though was the address which was associated with my visa on her receipt- it was an old address that I hadn't lived at for at least four years, that made me curious but I haven't checked into it. I always keep address changes up to date. Any way, what I wanted to point out was, there were 4 independent Uhaul dealers in Vernon to choose from, which I didn't know at first. I thought they were all linked together. So, lets face it, no matter what - moves them selves are stressful and we get peeved when things add to it. For about a month after I moved, if I saw a Uhaul truck I felt sick but now I am about to make some calls today to the dealers here so I can move down the road a few kilometres - sounds simple enough, we'll see eh! If something better is suggested I will try it. In the mean time you pays your money and you takes your chances!

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