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JennDance 2002

They are mostly foreign but totally worth straining your eyes for!

1. The Dinner Game (Le diner du cons). French and totally funny. i killed myself over this one

2. The Celebration. A danish film that is really boring for the first 20 minutes but will blow you away half way through.

3. All About My Mother. From spain, the sexiest spanish around...:)this is a pretty good movie, not amazing but good.

4. The Dreamlife of Angels. this movie won't pick you up but its really good. another french film.

5. Show me Love. a swedish movie about two teenagers (yes two GIRLS) who "fall in love". very good and you would never have guessed just how ugly the swedish language can sound, its great!

6. Requiem for a Dream. American. make sure you rent the unrated version. totally good and jordan catalano is in it too!

7. Hate. an awsome french movie from the mid nineties. this one rocks.

8. Microcosmos. a must see if you haven't seen it before. but be prepared, its all about bugs and nature.

9. Le Confessional. French Canadian. based on an alfred hitchcock appearance in montreal, this one is very interesting.

10. Maelstrom. another french canadian pick. this one is pretty new and really good. its about a girl who kills someone while she is driving drunk and then falls in love with the dead guys son....its different. it is also narrated by a fish. but watch it anyway!

11. Best in Show. if you haven't seen this before you must!

12. This is Spinal Tap. same as above (and same director and concept) my fav part is "stonehenge"

13. Ginger Snaps. a canadian horror film filmed in vancouver, this is totally impressive for canadian cinema and both funny and scary!

Here are a few that i haven't seen yet but that i really want to:

1. Rosetta. it won the palm d'or at cannes a few years ago, but i am not sure what its all about.

2. A time for drunken horses.

3. Beau Travail

4. IN the MOod for Love: this one i am so excited to see, its a chinese movie set in hong kong in the 1960s and the costumes look rad. its about two neighbours who are married and who fall in love with each other (and no, its not gay/lesbian related)

lesbian movie: if you really want to see some lesbian lovin (if Show me Love can't satisfy it) there is always another canadian flick called Better than Chocolate that was filmed in van. interesting but you can tell right away from the quality of the acting that it's canadian. also there is this lesbian movie called Bound. it is so unbelievably bad. there is your typical butch who drinks beer and is a plumber and then there is the helpless fem involved with the mob. its pretty bad but a total riot.

so i hope these keep you busy for a while and you like some of them.

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