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Lisa Kay's U-Haul Experience

Hi, my name is Lisa Kay, I found your story when trying to find a complaint form for UHaul. We just went through a horrible move thanks to them...and it's not over, we are returning the truck tomorrow and anticipate further problems.

I have trouble believing this company full of rude, unhelpful employees is still around.

On January 14, my brother, Gus, found a place to rent in Kamloops BC (5+ hours drive from Victoria, from where he was moving). He called UHaul that day to book a truck. He got a small truck, but was worried about everything fitting.

On the 17th, after further investigating, he found out that one size larger would only cost $9, so booked a larger truck instead. He was NOT given a reservation number. When he called to confirm things were in place on Mon, Jan 21st, it was confirmed, but they still did not give him any kind of confirmation number. He was told it was not necessary. He was also told that he would be called the day before he needed the truck (25th) to tell him the time and location of pick-up. We WRONGLY assumed the 'location' meant somewhere within Victoria. He and my husband planned to go down on Friday the 25, stay over night in a hotel (Gus' stuff was in storage, and pick up and load the truck the next day. 30 minutes before they were to head down to Victoria (again, 5+ hours away...including a ferry to Vancouver Island) UHaul called to tell them they needed to go to Saltspring Island (A WHOLE DIFFERENT ISLAND) to pick up the truck. We were understandably shocked and upset...this put the whole thing behind by many hours, plus we were faced with the extra cost of taking a vehicle over on another ferry to get to the truck, and paying for both vehicles to get back to Victoria!!!

The manager, named "DREW" told me in a very rude, condescending tone that,"When you called on January the 17th at 3:15pm, we told you we would call with the location...Saltspring is the location. We had NEVER been given any information location could be Timbuktu or anywhere other than Victoria. We also know that if you leave a truck in a location OTHER THAN the UHaul office it was picked up at, you pay a drop-off fee...which is supposed to cover the cost of a UHaul employee returning the truck to the they make money from this scam! After much heated argument, Drew offered to give us the truck for $172 off. I agreed. Not a great situation, but hey. THEN he calls back, after my husband and brother have left and says he just 'got off the phone' with head office it turns out Gus declined a larger vehicle available near Victoria, so they are rescinding their discount.

  1. He was never offered it
  2. It cost much more to get over on the ferry
  3. He didn't need it.

But...Drew was not listening to that, and clearly it was a bad case of "he said" "she said", so I asked if the larger truck was still available, yes, it was. So, rather than being royally screwed, we took the larger truck and were only screwed. I called the location of the bigger truck, they confirmed it was available and the cost, including $30 insurance. IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THIS: when the boys went to get the truck the next day...they were told it was in PARKSVILLE...another 4 hours away!!!!! But...then "somehow" it was discovered they did have one in the lot!! And the price DID match what they said,,, but now...somehow the insurance went up to $45 and they did not believe Gus when he insisted he insisted it was $30! Now...the truck is in Kamloops, being unloaded, but we're worried the drop off is now mysteriously NOT going to be in Kamloops...isn't that why we pay a drop off fee?????????

This has been an unbelievable few days and I want everyone to know DON'T USE UHAUL!!

Thank you,
Lisa Kay


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