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Permalink to this day Monday, October 24, 2005

Weren't able to attend PDC? No worries, the PDC05 content is now online.

Charlie Owen's PDC05 presentation on Windows Vista Media Center: Developing for the 10-Foot Interface is available for streaming, download or just the Power Point. Charlie's talk is centered around the following three themes:

  • Windows XP Media Center Edition today
  • Media Center in Windows Vista
  • Developing for Media Center in Windows Vista

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Tiger Direct, Media Center PC with a tuner card for $549 (refurb). Wow, that's cheap. (via Hacking Netflix).
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Looking for more info on CRC64s? I'm not a developer, but I think MSDN refers to CRC64 as DVDID. Here are two links:

Let me know if those are helpful or not.
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If you're thinking of building your own MCE, my friend Ming built his own MCE PC recently and took lots of photos.
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Roku has a special on the SoundBridge M500. It's $99 until Oct 28. Use promo code M50099.
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Problem: Microsoft remote control stops working

Solution: Take the batteries out, take a paperclip and touch the two upper battery terminals at the same time. Put the batteries back in.

Problem:After RU2 install some remote control buttons fail to function. Others do not fail.


  • delete c:windowsinfkeyboard.pnf (that's keyboard.PNF. The P is important)
  • Open up device manager
  • Right cilck on 'ehome infrared receiver' select uninstall
  • Right click on any device and select 'scan for hardware changes'

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