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Permalink to this day Monday, October 17, 2005

Wow, was Digital Life 2005 ever busy!

Here are some photos from Saturday showing how busy the Microsoft booth was:

There certainly was a lot of excitement around XBox 360 and Media Center. Here's a photo of the living room we had setup with a big screen TV connected to a XBox 360 that we were demo'ing the XBox 360 MCE Extender on:

In addition to the living room setup, we had a theatre setup were they were showing demo's of MCE and XBox 360. Lucky members of the audience even got to play the 360. We also had six MCE's setup that people could come by and play it. This is were I spent four to five hours each day answering questions.

While at the show I spoke to three different types of show attendees. Those who knew nothing about Media Center, those who knew about it or possibly just bought it and wanted to know more, and hardcore hobbyist/industry folks. Everyone asked lots of great questions.

I really wish we had a set top box connected to a MCE connected to a TV to show people since we got so many questions about how to connect the three. Fortunately our new marketing site answers this question, Media Center and your set-top box.

I also wish we would have had a variety of MCE form factors on display . Fortunately we could point people over to any number of booths that were also display MCE like HP, Intel, One Voice,...

Surprisinly, I got absolutely no questions about Apple's Front Row announcement. Though Tivo came up a number of times.

Were you at Digital Life 2005, what were your impressions or highlights?
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Aaron Stebner is the setup guru on our team and has a post on How to get help for Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 setup issues.

I've been running the update for a few months now without any problems but I have seen a few isolated reports of problems, so if that's you please contact Aaron.
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If you have, or are thinking of a front panel display for your Media Center, check out Media Center Magic | Front View. It supports many of the LCDs and VFDs in existing cases, is customizable and supports plugins.
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Version 2.0 of Windows Media Connect is available as of late last week if you have digital media player devices at home (i.e. the Roku).
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