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Permalink to this day Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wow what an exciting day! Minutes before getting on the plane I was checking the email on my phone and was shocked to read that Apple has released a Media Center competitor called, Front Row I can't believe I was stuck on a plane instead of in building 50 being part of the buzz!

Here's the buzz from around the web so far:

PVR Blog, Big news from Apple -- moving towards becoming a Media Center?:

The new iMac + Front Row package looks pretty similar to the first versions of Microsoft's Media Center XP.

PVR Wire, Apple releases video-enabled iPod, but no PVR functionality:

From a PVR perspective, there's really nothing to discuss, as it doesn't have any video inputs or recording capabilities

Michael Gartenberg, Apple and Microsoft have very different views of what a Media Center PC is:

Part of the today's news are the new media centric iMacs. This is in an important part of Apple's strategy and it's been a while coming. The existing mini seemed likely to become the focal point for a media center but Apple's taking this idea in a new direction. I'm a big fan of the Windows Media Center platform and personally, I want the TV integration as well as the access to recorded TV as a great source of legal video content.

Thomas Hawk, Apple Unveils Media Center Type IMac:

Personally I'm a little underwhelmed from what I've seen so far.

Co-worker, Charlie Owen, Apple Finally Has An Answer to Media Center with Front Row

Frankly, I'm underwhelmed -- I really expected Apple to have much more to brag about, especially given their momentum with iPod over the last couple of years. Based on everything I'm seeing, Front Row doesn't even have feature parity with the first version of Media Center released back in October 2002. No hint of a developer platform either

I'm sure I'll have more to comment on later, but..

  • They picked a way better name then us! (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2 just does not roll off the tongue)
  • Yes, their remote is a lot simplier, but they also have way less functionailty!
  • It's really weird they didn't introduce this on the Mac Mini's first
  • I'd be excited about the tv downloads if they were HD. The pricing is right though

Overall, I'm super excited about this. It really validates what we're doing converging digital entertainment with the PC in the living room.

It's definitely going to be an exciting week here in New York. I'm sure you've all read the rumors about what we're announcing Friday at Digital Life, and then I'll be sticking around for another launch on Tuesday evening.
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