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Permalink to this day Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It bugs me in MCE 2005 how in My Music the 'albums' and 'artist' pivots are not sticky but once you drill down to an artist the 'view albums' and 'view songs' are.
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Residential Systems, Measuring Media Server Metrics:
Numerous manufacturers have been introducing these systems over the last year, adding to the systems introduced by pioneers Escient and ReQuest in the late 1990s. In addition, the Media Center PC is poised to become a key platform of choice among dealers.

There's lots of statistics in this article if you're interested in the home media server space.
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Last week I had the opportunity to attend a networking event with Bill Veghte, corporate vice president of North America sales and marketing. One of the messages he wanted us to leave with was how important it was that we spend time with our customers listening to their feedback, needs, and feeling their pain. Apparently too many of us lose focus of who we're building all this software for.

Fortunately, this talk dovetailed nicely with the MVP's hitting the Redmond campus. So later that day I rounded up Nishant, the tester who sits next door to me and we went to have dinner with the MVPs. And then the next day I sat in on the conversations they had with our team. We shared with them demos of Rollup 2 (set to launch very soon), and demos and our plan for Windows Vista. In turn they shared with us a long laundry list of compliants about our product and platform.

My feedback to them, and you, is, don't wait until you're invited to Redmond to give us feedback :). Send me an email (Matt.Goyer *at *, write a blog post, or leave a comment here. Yes, the newsgroups are an option, but I know very few of us spend time on The Green Button or in the newsgroups. This of course should change, but I barely have enough time to keep up with blogs, never mind those forums.

Peter Near, from the city of Waterloo, where I went to school, was up and got a look at 'Vista MCE' and has this to say, Vista MCE looking great!:

It looks mahvelous and is incredibly usable. Iím genuinely excited now about the Vista version of Media Center, and canít wait until I get my hands on a new official build so I can share some screenshots with you guys. Youíre gonna love it!

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