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Permalink to this day Monday, September 19, 2005

I asked for suggestions on TweakMCE improvements and you sent me lots. First let me say that TweakMCE is a very primitive app that only does registry tweaks. Secondly it wasn't designed to do complicated registry tweaks so this eliminates most of the suggested tuner and IR tweaks.

Here's my feedback to you...

Thomas Hawk: Random slideshows don't start randomly.

This is a product bug and can't be fixed by TweakMCE. This is actually by design.

Hobbes: List view for videos.

This is a product bug and can't be fixed by TweakMCE. This is actually by design.

Impact: Recording padding

I will investigate.

Stuart: Hidden channels.

You'll have to tell me more about these hidden channels.

Greg: Fixing incorrect ATSC channel info

Won't be in TweakMCE, but another power toy may be released to help with this.

Mo: Adjust guide download time

I'll investigate.

Matt: Add more tuners

No plans to add this to TweakMCE. It may show up elsewhere :).

Tuig: Improve music library peformance.

This is a product bug and can't be fixed by TweakMCE.

Jim: Longer pause buffer

I'm pretty sure I investigated this last time and we weren't able to change it.

Steve: Turn off notifications, reset tuners, send custom IR commands.

I don't know of a way to turn off the notifications, though why do you keep getting them? Resetting tuners is beyond the scope of this app, and sending custom IR commands would require changes to the product (though have you tried tweaking these keys?)

Chris: Plasma display adjustments

This would require changes to the product. Though I'm wondering if this should instead be either built into Windows proper, the display driver, or the display itself?

Bryan: Radio recording, IR blaster speed, tuner preference, search other guide listings, adjust ATSC tuning space.

All out of scope for TweakMCE. See above comments.

Shock: Configure dvr-ms filename

Not this time...

John: IR timings

Too complicated for TweakMCE, but here is how to do it manually.
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Place your application for Windows® XP Media Center Edition on Windows Marketplace

I'm busy getting my powertoys, TweakMCE, and another unannounced one, ready for Marketplace. I hope you are too!

In order to help promote your great Media Center development work to consumers, the Media Center group at Microsoft is excited to announce that, starting today, you can upload your finished Media Center application to Windows Marketplace, a comprehensive, easy-to-use shopping and download site that helps Windows customers discover, experience, and purchase partner products and software.

After Microsoft has processed your application, your approved Media Center product will be available for download from CNET’s and Windows Marketplace -

How to upload your product

  1. Prepare your software application. CNET will test for the following, so be sure you’re ready before you upload your product.
    1. Your application must be virus and spyware-free, and must not perform any malicious operation on the customer’s PC.
    2. The product page on your website must list “Windows XP Media Center Edition” as a requirement for product installation.
    3. The application installer must validate that the user’s PC is running the Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system before installing the application.
    4. When the application is installed, a tile for the application must appear in More Programs.
    5. When the customer clicks on that tile, he or she must be taken to a 10' experience.
    6. The customer must be able to navigate your application with the remote control.
    7. Your application design must feature large buttons and fonts so that it is readable on a TV screen.
    8. Installing the application must not add a link to the top Media Center navigation menu (next to My music, My Pictures, etc.).
    9. Your application must function with Media Center Extender.
    10. For Web-based applications, the application must have some component that needs to be installed on a Media Center PC (this will not necessarily show up in More Programs).
    11. Your application’s text must be in English.
    12. You must have the rights to any content used in your application.
    13. Certain types of content are prohibited by Microsoft policy.
  2. Visit and create an account. CNET has a few different listing options: Free listing, Basic ($9USD/mo) or Premium ($99USD/mo).
  3. Choose “Windows MCE” as your Operating System, and fill out the rest of the submission form. At this time only English-language applications may be submitted to Windows Marketplace.
  4. Submit your application. CNET will send you mail with confirmation of receipt, and let you know if your application passes their testing requirements.
  5. Check your listing. Give CNET 2-3 weeks’ processing time to verify your application, then visit and to make sure your product appears on both sites. Beginning mid-October, the products will also be available on the Media Center consumer website on

If you have questions, please email

For a product to be eligible for inclusion in the Windows Marketplace, it must be compatible with current Microsoft Windows operating systems and be listed in the software library. Microsoft and CNET reserve the right to add or remove any product from Windows Marketplace at any time without prior notice. For additional information, please see the Windows Marketplace section of CNET’s knowledgebase.

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On Friday a group of us from Microsoft eHome participated in the United Way of King County's Day of Caring, a day during which we skip work and volunteer our time at a local organization. We spent the day at Noel House, a women's transitional shelter in downtown Seattle, painting, cleaning, and gardening. I've uploaded a few photos showing us all hard at work (except for the photo when we're at happy hour :) ). Here's a photo of Mark (program manager) and Bert (developer) from Media Center re-hanging some cabinet doors in their kitchen:

If your company has a similar program, you should sign up!
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I just signed up for the Microsoft MVP summit. Hope to see you MVPs there. I don't know which sessions I'll be attending yet, so if you have a recommendation drop me a line below.
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I work at Microsoft in the eHome division on the Windows XP Media Center Edition team as a Program Manager.

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