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Permalink to this day Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yahoo/Reuters, Reuters Summit - TV seen following Net model:
Rather than passively flipping through a conventional electronic program guide much in the same way they would a print TV Guide, viewers are more likely to actively search for programs as they would on a Web site, top executives in both industries said at the Reuters Telecommunications, Cable and Satellite Summit this week.
I really agree with this article. However, input program titles into a search engine on your TV with a remote control is going to be incredibly cumbersome.

Are we going to adopt T9-esque input or will keyboards become more prevlant in the living room for interacting with your TV? (I'll leave speech recognition unsaid).
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In the spirit of who works at SnapStream. Here's a few people who work on Media Center:

So left to right, that's Ben (program manager), me, and Kort (designer). Mark (designer) took the photo because we were likely debating some functionality in our product and so we needed a photo on a camera connected to a Media Center to figure out what it the actual behavior was.

(Hopefully Ben and Kort don't beat me up tomorrow for posting this lame ass photo!).
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