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Permalink to this day Sunday, June 26, 2005

On Friday I was at an invigorating talk given by a senior Microsoft employee who went on and on about the importance of blogs and I must admit I felt a bit guilty that I hadn't been blogging much recently so it's time to turn that around.

To start, let me tell you about what I work on... As you know I'm a program manager on the Media Center team in eHome. This means I am the 'PM owner' for a number of areas. While I didn't necessarily own these areas in Media Center 2005 I'll indicate what concrete features in that version that I'm now responsible for moving forward:

  • Movies - TV Movies Portal
  • DVD - DVD playback user experience
  • Settings - Someone has to be the gate keeper and keep the other PMs from adding needless settings
  • Accessibility - How MCE works with a screen reader and for people with limited vision
  • Connecting to other PCs and content servers in the home - The 'Media Discovery' modules invoked through the context menu in Music, Pictures and Videos
  • Communications - 10' Messenger and Caller ID
  • Text input - The control box as well as our IMEs
  • TweakMCE powertoy

And a few more areas that you will find out about soon enough :).
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F-Stop, Dell Requiring a DVD Drive for Windows Media Center:
I was at the Dell site looking around and noticed that when I went to customize a system I had the option of upgrading to Windows Media Center but only if the system was configured with a DVD drive. Am I reading this right will Dell only sell Media Center with a DVD drive?

Actually, it's, us, Microsoft who requires that OEMs configure their machines with DVD players.
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