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Permalink to this day Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I hate my Gyration mouse. Even though the receiver is only six feet away from my couch it still does not work reliably. I literally have to be one foot away from the recevier for the mouse to work.
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Ben has three compliants about MCE:

  • You can't search from the guide page
  • Skipping forward is hard.
  • Can't switch inputs

Have you tried using the skip and replay buttons while in the guide? That should increase the rate at which you skip forward/back.

As for your other suggestions... Yes, possibly easy improvements, but we have to weigh every new incremental improvement not just against all known bugs, other suggestions but also new features. How would you prioritize hooking up VCRs to Media Center versus implementing new ATSC/HDTV functionality?* While we are 'Microsoft', we are still resource and time constrained and have to make hard tradeoffs and sometimes seemingly easy little things get cut.

Update: * I don't mean to imply we actually chose ATSC/HDTV over input switching. I was just using ATSC/HDTV as an example of a new feature that might have been prioritized higher than input switching.
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Do you have a Media Center and a new PSP? Barb has the low down on preparing and converting Recorded TV from MCE (convert to mpeg4) content to copy to a memory stick.
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