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Permalink to this day Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Engadget links to this cool looking Media Center from Beblu:

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Scott Williams thinks Microsoft has lost it's groove with respect to product naming and points to Media Center, What's in a name?:
I think that Windows Media Center Edition 2005 is an excellent product, but sheesh, you practically have to take a breath while saying it and it sounds lame. If Apple came out with a media center product they would probably call it iRock or something like that. The last good Microsoft name I can remember off the top of my head is XBox. It does a great job at sounding interesting and even manages to detach itself somewhat from the stigma of being a Microsoft product.

Yes, I'd love an XBox type name for Media Center.


Update: Ming also goes off and explores some names:

Whatever name's out there, MS needs to seriously rebrand its OS. Windows followed by 10 descriptors (like XP Pro N for Europe) just doesn't cut it anymore.

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I called and cancelled our $80/month digital cable subscription from Millennium Cable today.

When the customer service rep asked why, I said that all the channels I wanted were available via over the air HD broadcasters. He at first didn't know what OTA was but I explained it and he followed up asking 'what if there were a special promotion, would you stay?' and I responded that it certainly was hard to compete with free. And not just free, but free and works with my Media Center.

Of course, HBO isn't available via either OTA or through Millennium so we're out of luck there when Six Feet Under comes back on. We'll likely turn to an alternative distribution mechanism to get the shows and I'll feel a bit guilty, but not so guilty since it doesn't matter how much I'd be willing to pay I still couldn't get them in HD short of moving into a new building. Millennium does offer HBO via standard def digital cable, but I'll be honest, I can't watch standard definition TV anymore.

I'm a HD convert and there's no going back.
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Recently Inside Digital Media interviewed both Joe Belifore, general manager of eHome the Microsoft division responsible for Windows Media Center (MP3 of the interview) and Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Brightcove the new video delivery platform (audio interview).
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