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Permalink to this day Monday, March 28, 2005

Orb, that cool software that lets you stream Media Center content to your phone, laptop,.. is now free. Now I really have no excuse for not installing it.

Update: I tried to install it but get an error from InstallShield: 1607 - Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Run Time

Update 2: After installing some update from InstallShield I got Orb installed. During it's First Run it asked if I had a set top box and how it was hooked up to my TV. It's hooked up through my Media Center so this question really doesn't make sense? Or at least the answers I can chose from don't. And it sure would be nice if it could grab my guide data (who my provider is) from Media Center (I realize we might not make this API available). It finished installing without any fanfare. Would be nice if it launched it's app or something. Why can't it monitor the same set of folders that my Media Center is monitoring? Are we not saving that list in the registry?

Update 3: I'm trying to access this on my phone (Audiovox 5600 SMT) and getting a 'The security ceritificate for this site has either expired or does not match the server name'. Am I supposed to be using a special URL? I also get lots of broken images when navigating on my phone.

I can't figure out how to playback video or TV on my phone.. But I got pictures working! I sure wish my phone had more bandwidth and a better latency.
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If you're in Belgium you may have noticed on Friday that we turned on Online Spotlight (in both French and Dutch) with partner applications from Reuters and MSN News.
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