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Permalink to this day Friday, March 18, 2005

Ian Dixon has started podcasting about Media Center:

I wonder how long it will be before we integrate podcasting into Media Center?
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Reuters, Fox Gives Viewers a Taste with TV-DVD Starter Sets:
TV-to-DVD multidisc boxed sets have been the fastest-growing phenomenon in the home video industry for the past two years, generating more than $1.7 billion in consumer sales last year. Industry analysts and Hollywood studio chiefs predict the genre will generate more than $4 billion this year.

Cable operators should be asking why this is the fastest-growing phenomenon. Is it because viewers don't want commercials? Is it because they want to watch TV on their own time? Is it because they do not want a drawn out season? Is it because there is extras that aren't shown on TV?

I know the industry is heavily dependent on advertising revenue and windowing but they need to be forward thinking and give viewers what they want.

Update: Related Washington Post article An Ever-Shorter Leap From Theater to DVD:

"I'll wait for the DVD."

It's the discriminating moviegoer's mantra, one repeated every time we can't muster the motivation to catch the latest Hollywood offering in theaters. But in many cases that waiting game has changed, as movies make the leap from silver screen to small screen faster than ever before.

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