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Permalink to this day Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Media Center PC News, Alienware Quietens Its Desktops:
Systems configured with the Acoustic Dampening System will be outfitted with Alienware’s revolutionary acoustic absorption matting, as well as low-noise system fans, for measurably decreased internal chassis decibel (dB) levels. Starting at only $99, the Acoustic Dampening System will be made available on all high-performance desktop systems.

Great to hear. Noise is a real issue when you put a PC in the living room.
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The New Normal., Video on the Internet, part 1, part 2, part 3. (via Andrew)
One of my favorite things about the internet is the “long tail.” Thanks to cheap storage and a flexible architecture, the internet removes many limitations of physical distribution. In retail, it allows for infinite aisles of merchandise. In journalism and politics, it enables limitless voices to be heard. The effect of the long tail has been to change the nature of retail, journalism, and politics - and many other categories - by increasing the choices available to consumers. Why, then, do proponents of IP TV and similar models insist on perpetuating notions such as programming channels, which inherently limit consumer choice? The answer, I believe, lies in Hollywood, which has grown comfortable with channels and is generally reluctant to embrace change. Hollywood’s control of video content is not absolute, but it’s broad enough that few businesses and investors dare to challenge it. Hollywood generally gets its way, but history shows that it is not always right. (Do you remember how hard the studios fought against VHS?)
Fascinating article on the future of video on the Internet.
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Business Week, The New Game Machine: Your TV:
Next-generation interactive capabilities promise to put viewers in the middle of the action -- from NASCAR races to bingo and beyond

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