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Permalink to this day Monday, March 07, 2005

Apparently Andrew is looking for developers to help him with a Skype MCE plugin. Anyone interested in helping him?
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Friday the issue of what MCE's for the living room I'd recommend came up. My first recommendation would be one of the Niveus machines (starting at $3,000), but they're a little pricey so if you can't afford one, I'd then recommend one of the Alienwares (starting at ~$1,500).

Actually, CNET recently posted a review of the Alienware DHS-2 Media Center. It got a 7.4/10 rating.
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Joe Wilcox from Jupiter offers some advice to our new corporate VP for Windows product management. Besides pointing out his nightmare name is 'Windows eXPedition Enhanced Media Center Edition 2006-10' (which really isn't much longer than our current one):
Some product names potentially create unneeded confusion. Portable Media Center could suggest to potential buyers they would need a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC to use the device--and that's not the case. Worse, confused retail salespeople might make the same mistake, assuming the Media Center in both product names means one only works with the other.

It's no secret that I feel we need a way shorter name. Why can't we just use our code names? (Probably because we don't put a lot of thought into the trademark ramifications of the names we choose but...)
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Duncan, I've recently unhooked my Tivo...
I've recently unhooked my Tivo... I picked up a Media Center Extender (the HP one) and that was the final step to moving all of our television watching to MCE 2005. We love it and we record tons of shows. Extender works wonderfully, better than the XBox extender because there is no stupid DVD to put in to watch TV and it is a lot quieter.
Glad to hear!
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Thomas Hawk is an amazing blogger so it's no surprise he took the initiative to send a whole ton of questions off to Charlie, Sean and I. Here's his interview with us:

Thanks Thomas! And if anyone has any follow up questions feel free to use the comments.
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One of the many things I own for Media Center is accessibility which might be fitting since I'm color blind. Anyhow, I was interested to see this link from Fujitsu come through my inbox the other day, Fujitsu Accessibility Assitance:
WebInspector (provisional name) can check the accessibility of a website for conformity with W3C WCAG 1.0 and Fujitsu Web Accessibility Guidelines automatically and efficiently.

ColorSelector can check the background-color and character-color combination for people with cataracts or color blindness.

ColorDoctor is a tool that checks accessibility on the aspect of color. It converts any images displayed on screen, such as browsers or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, into gray scale or colors that are readable by persons with color vision deficiency.

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