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Permalink to this day Friday, February 25, 2005

How does the Media Center Extender choose between a wired and wireless network?

If when you bring the device out of standby it finds a wired link it will use it. If it doesn't it will load the preferred wireless network. Thereby favouring the wired link.

However if you're connected wirelessly and plug in a wired link it will continue to use the wireless until you come out of standby again at which point it will switch to the wired one.
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Dell introduces it's first laptop with Media Center 2005 (via Engadget):

  • Starting price of $2,749 at 8.6 pounds
  • 17-inch TrueLifeTM widescreen display.
  • Powered with NVIDIA's never-before-seen 256MB GeForceTM Go 6800 Ultra graphics card,

No tuner though...

For more info see the above press release link and this Anand Tech article, GeForce Go 6800 Ultra: Powering the Dell Inspirion XPS Gen 2.
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I recently saw a demo of a cool software program named, eTivo:

EtiVo is a solution for people who want to archive their TiVo Recordings. It makes use of existing hacks and software to extract shows, place them on the local hard drive and re-encode them into WMV.

Translation: This is an app that pulls video content off your Tivo and enables you to consume it with a Media Center!

Actually it does way more than that but that's my perceived one sentence description. For instance it also has the capability to suck content off a Tivo and then farm out the encoding of the content to an encoding farm (because we all have lots of spare machines laying around) and then aggregates the results. It is also very extensible and addins are being written such as AccTivo which will sync your content to a laptop. You can also access the archive of your media over the web.

Apparently it would also be easy to write an addin so that eTivo could use Media Center as a content source and you could then leverage it's (possibly distrbuted) auto-transcoding features to archive your content. You could then also use AccTivo to sync that content to your laptop for when you're on the go. If you're looking for a MCE hack project this would be a great one.
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