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Permalink to this day Tuesday, February 22, 2005

mmmBlog, HP Entertainment Center z545 Long Gone...:
My honeymoon with the unit didn't last very long and I decided to return about 3 weeks after getting it. It wasn't worth the money. It had tons and tons of little problems that added up.

Keith, I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your z545. While, I'm glad you haven't completely foresaken Media Center technologies, know that we are listening to customer feedback and are working hard to fix these issues.

I do want to note for everyone else that the problem that Keith is experiencing with DVD playback over his custom resolution has to do with Macrovision copy protection prohibiting playback of DVD content over component connections with non-standard resolutions (we'll have an article coming out soon explaining this problem and how to fix it). It is not a Windows Media Center software issue. My recommendation is to use any other type of video connection.

Now the reason you can't control the volume is because you have connected your Media Center to your audio receiver using a digital audio SPDIF connection meaning (I think :) ) you're sending the raw digital audio stream to your receiver and your receiver is doing the decoding and amplification which is a good thing because for the majority of setups this provides the best sound. How I have my home theater setup is that my Media Center outputs over SPDIF to my receiver and my remote control has it's volume up and down buttons mapped to control not the Media Center volume but the receiver volume.
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Lots of interesting news while I was gone. Here are a collection of links I'll read once I get some free time:

Thanks to ChrisL, PVR Blog and all the other blogs I poached those links from.
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Reuters, FCC Overstepped Authority on Digital TV:
A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday said that regulators had overstepped their authority by imposing a rule designed to limit the copying of digital television programs.

On a related note, Mark Cuban says (Mark's the guy who owns the Mavs and a bunch of HDNet):

So if one of the networks threatens to pull their HD signal because of the broadcast flag… call their bluff.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about in this post read Engadget's, Demystifying the Broadcast Flag:

In November of 2003, bowing to pressure from the MPAA and hoping to speed the nation’s transition to digital television, the FCC approved a system (the Broadcast Flag) designed to curb Internet distribution of digitally-broadcasted TV shows. The FCC’s rationale, as twisted as it may be, was that content owners would be more likely to put “the good stuff” on the air if they didn’t fear that perfect digital copies of their content would be spread over the Internet. In turn, consumers would rush to the stores and buy digital televisions.

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