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Permalink to this day Tuesday, February 08, 2005

So I'm headed to Mexico on Sunday for allegedly 'one last family vacation' and only this past Sunday did I realize I had no real music player to chill with on the beach or by the pool.

The obvious answer is to buy an iPod but I started to question that mainly because I live in an increasingly Microsoft world :).

Here is my purchase criteria:

  1. Cost
  2. Smaller than the largest iPod: 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.69 - 5.6 to 6.2 oz
  3. Greater than 20 gig capacity
  4. Cool
  5. Must be acceptable to use around the office

My primary uses will be:

  • Car (so a car power adapter must be affordable)
  • On the go: Commuting on the bus, maybe gym type activities (jogging)

What devices really compete with the iPod?

I think I'm leaning towards the Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (which has a name almost as sucky as Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005).

Thoughts? Am I crazy not to buy an iPod? Will my friends and co-workers make fun of me if I'm totting around some unhip bulky but cheaper music device?

And after spending hours on Engadget it doesn't even look like there are any new MP3 players to look forward to. Hrmph.
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Ubergizmo, Brushed metal Samsung living room Media Center:

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Playlist Mag has a glowing review of the Sonos whole home audio solution, Innovative system's similarities to iPod more than skin deep. If you're interested in synchronized playback between different rooms (aka zones) you should check this out.

We need to think more about how to integrate Windows Media Connect/Media Center with a product like this.
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