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Permalink to this day Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CNET, Microsoft, Macrovision align on copy protection:
Under the new deal, Microsoft's Windows Media software will recognize this signal when it is included in incoming analog video streams. For upcoming versions of its Microsoft's Media Center Edition operating systems, the computer will allow users to make a temporary copy that can be stored one day, but that cannot be used after that time.

You know my thoughts on Macrovision and DRM... Please support the EFF.
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Feel free to email me questions.

I got one the other day asking if we used UPnP for Media Center Extender discovery and the answer is no, we currently use a proprietary UDP broadcast protocol.

I also received the popular question of, why doesn't Media Center support radio recording which will take me a bit longer to answer.
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I imagine every Microsoft blogger is going to attack Wired's article, Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill:
"About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod," said one source, a high-level manager who asked to remain anonymous. "It's pretty staggering."


So popular is the iPod, executives are increasingly sending out memos frowning on its use.


But at the Windows Digital Media Group, which is charged with software for portable players and the WMA format, using an iPod is not a good career move.

"In the media group they all smoke the company dope on that one," the manager said.

So let me jump into the fray :).

I think the 80% number is too high.

I have never seen one of these don't use an iPod memos.

But we don't just own iPods, but we also have people who have Macs in their offices (mainly the designer types).

And you probably won't be surprised to learn that people on the Media Center team own Tivos, ReplayTVs, Comcast DVRs,... And THIS IS A GOOD THING. We need to have an intimate understanding of our competitors strengths and weaknesses and the only way to truly gain that understanding is to use the product on a daily basis in their natural environment.

And uh, where do I get some of this company dope? :) It sure would beat the free kool aid in the kitchen.

Also check out this photo of BillG's iPod.

Update: The author of the article speaks out.
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In a meeting this morning I learned that when you're in the artist view and you look for 'The [Artist Name]' you'll find the artist filed under [Artist Name], but when you look for 'The [Album Name]' you'll find the album filed under The [Album Name]. It's a little inconsistency, and certainly not one I've ever noticed before, probably because I spend my time in the artist view, but thought I should pass this along in case you haven't yet figured out how to find some of your music :). (And because Bo wondered aloud if this tidbit should be blogged (great to see you onboard with all this!)).

And you're probably wondering why this is... Our pass the buck reason is that all this functionailty comes from Windows Media Player and so the oddity is theirs.

Update: The problem with not having Media Centers in our conference rooms is that sometimes we make incorrect assumptions and generalizations. Looks like we did so yesterday morning :). We do in fact handle both the above fields correctly by stripping off 'The'.
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Reuters, CinemaNow Signs Video Deal with NBC Universal:
Online movie provider CinemaNow on Tuesday said NBC Universal has agreed to offer its films to CinemaNow subscribers giving the Internet service content from one more major studio as it continues to expand.

CinemaNow is a MCE Online Spotlight partner so this is great news.
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