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Permalink to this day Friday, January 28, 2005

HP, z545 software updates.

It looks like HP has released a number of software updates for their z545 this January. If you have one of these machines I'd encourage you to update your machine.
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Steve keeps having interesting posts, Movie Trailer RSS Feed.

Wouldn't it be great if each of the movie studios had their own movie trailer RSS feeds? Through in some bittorrent sauce to reduce the bandwidth bill and it would be an excellent promotion vehicle.
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One last post tonight, from Om Malik, We Like TiVo, Just Donít Want To Buy It.
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Steve, The Mini, Media Center and Personal Expression:

What's amazing to me, is how quickly people have started trying to turn the mini into a Home Theater Computer (also check out the AvsForum). The general impression so far is that while "it can be done", "it ruins the simplicity factor" and has "no digital sound output".

Here's my question: Why isn't there a larger Windows Media Center Edition cult? I love my Media Center. The user interface rocks and as I've previously said: "Starting up Media Center feels like I'm about to experience something cool and I'm in complete control of it."

For me, the only thing that I don't like about MCE is that I can't put it in a case with the size and sexiness of a Mac Mini. But maybe that's the problem.

(Formatting is all his).

I couldn't agree more. How do we create an MCE like cult? This questions drives me crazy. Why can't we do it? I have some thoughts on what the current barriers are but if you look at the timestamp it's 1:30 am. It's been a long work day with a little fun at the end. Time for sleep! (I have some time blocked off for blogging tomorrow so I will return to this (along with the two other posts I've been drafting)).
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