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Permalink to this day Monday, January 10, 2005

FYI, I'm seeing reports on the internal mailing lists that installing Microsoft's beta anti-spyware software will break your Windows Media Center Extender. While this is documented in the release notes, no one reads those :). Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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Design Technica, Niveus Media Announces K2 Media Center PC one of the first ISF certified Media Centers:
ISF RL certification will guide consumers to the very best hardware for their home’s entertainment systems running Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. These products must be designed for artifact free film and sports viewing, superb color fidelity, quiet operation and other home entertainment based quality parameters. ISF RL services include detailed measurement of video processing for TV, DVD, and high definition content to ensure it meets the most demanding consumer expectations.

It's a sweet MCE and likely very expensive.
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I was very impressed with the Shuttle Barebones Kit that I used to build my families Media Center with so I am very excited to see Shuttle introducing a CE form factor kit. The Inquirer, Shuttle XPC Pentium M video player pictured:

Now the user experience expert in me should be complaining that the ports on the back will be poorly labelled because it looks like they have 2 PCI slots and an AGP slot and PCI/AGP cards are never well labelled. However I think this is mitigated by the fact that only experienced users will be buying Shuttle Barebones Kits and don't need to be guided on where to plug in their cables.

Anyone have details on price?

Update: AnandTech has better (photo) coverage on the Sonoma Media Center XPC from Shuttle.
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I got an email from a fellow Softie about a bug in TweakMCE which likely won't be fixed soon, so to mitigate that I'll post the description of the bug here in case anyone else runs into it and needs to know how to fix it:
It seems that upon installation, a file called TweakMCE.mcl is placed in the directory %allusersprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Media Center\Media Center Programs which makes the TweakMCE icon appear in the "More Programs" section of MCE. It appears, however, that this file (basically just a MCE shortcut, as far as I can tell) is hard-coded to point to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\TweakMCE\TweakMCE.exe. While this might work for most users, anyone who has installed to a different drive or uses a different Program Files directory will not be able to start TweakMCE from within MCE. For example, on my Media Center box, the Program Files directory is D:\Programs. I was able to modify the .mcl file myself to point to the appropriate location so it's working now, but this could probably be easily fixed if you plan for a V2 release.

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Russell Beattie, Microsoft's Consumer Electronics Endgame:
Apple lost the PC desktop because it refused to license its Graphical User Interface and now they're going to lose the Consumer Electronics market because they've failed to license their FairPlay DRM technology.

Russell is no fan of Microsoft so when he writes a lengthy article detailing Microsoft's CE endgame, which isn't some pie in the sky endgame, but is actually being played out right now with no real competitors in sight, you need to take notice.
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