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Permalink to this day Wednesday, January 05, 2005

NY Times, HP to offer TV Media Hub:
Carleton S. Fiorina, the chief executive, said that by using Linux, rather than Windows, Hewlett can reduce the cost of the device, which has not been set, she said. "The real motive is not the cost," she added, but "the ease of use and simplicity."

So I was a little miffed that HP might be introducing their own Media Center because they believe ours is not easy and simple, until someone pointed out that HP has tried this before:

CES 2001 Media Hub

CES 2003 Media Hub

Update: Video of the device and its UI
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Live CES feed of Gate's keynote here.

I'm watching it live, full screen, on my MCE while sitting on my couch (and wondering why they don't have a 16x9 feed).

I'm too lazy to really blog this live, so the blockquotes below are from Engadget:

7:09 - On digital photography. Gates blows off Conan’s joking around with a Nikon D2X: “Okay. That’s funny.” Wireless slideshow not working. Whoa, this is kind of like the Media Center version of the Blue Screen of Death demo.

7:10 - On television. Choice, variety; the centerpiece is the Media Center. 1.4 million units. “Wait, I think we have the slide show working.” And no, it’s not working. Conan: “Who’s in charge of Microsoft?! —oh.” “Wait, it’s actually working.” Ha. It’s not.

7:20 - On Media Center and the Extender. New media center services with partnered content providers. Discovery Channel, for instance, will now provide a rich media guide. Remotes: Philips, Logitech, Niveus have announced universal remote control devices and support for Media Center. Also working with certification program for Media Center PCs; we think this should make it a lot easier for OEMs to release Media Center PCs on the market instead of just the bigger players. New MCE also enables remote record, which will work similarly to Tivo’s TCO (TiVo Central Online).

7:25 - Still on MC. Burn DVDs simply from within Media Center. Simplified media adapter capabilities by pulling content off of other Media Center PCs or XP PCs (and, we assume, any other SMB/NetBIOS-enabled machines).

7:29 - Gates talking about IPTV: “maximum flexibility.” Yeah, no kidding, homes. They’ve been building on TV-software technology for 12 years? Yo. Bell-South is rolling out IPTV, as well as SBC (via 2Wire?).

When I saw a demo of IPTV months ago it blew my mind. There are no tuners so the number of TV streams you can consume is limited only by your bandwidth. The SBC lady says four streams will be available with their service, but if you're in a fibre rich neighborhood, that could be 10, or 20. That means you could record 20 shows at once. Combine that with the two way interactivity enabling you to rent shows, control camera angles,.. Wow!

Now the SBC lady just poked fun that the earlier slideshow demo didn't work :).

I love how we're announcing a partnership at the same time we're introducing a product that directly competes with it.

7:37 - SBC exec: IPTV has four simultaneous content streams to the home, including hi-def. “It’s about convergence of voice, video, and data.” The “Video Store” has access to a library of programs for feeds; of course, it will be DRMed out the yin-yang. With IPTV there is access to multiple angles and sports programs simultaneously, as well as remote access and recording/programming via Windows Mobile-based devices. “I also want to point out that all these demonstrations worked.” Har har.

Now this remote photo browse on the Audiovox is pretty cool. I'll have to get that and set it up.

Why does my screensaver come on when watching full screen video with WMP? Even with 'allow screensaver during playback' unchecked.. Bug.

Oh this is great, now the XBox car game crashed. Assertion failure, out of memory. Yikes, we're having a rough demo day :).

7:55 - Whoa, a Blue Screen of Death on the Xbox! Damn, this is a Microsoft address!

7:57 - Conan’s racing Bill. Bill’s in the lead with his Ferarri, and Conan’s just crashed out in a crappy Buick. No surprise there that Bill’s won the race. Conan’s framerate is also at about 2fps. Hot.

Just remember, (and this is from Sean Alexander's blog, the first demo-er), Behind the scenes at CES Keynote

Most don't get noticed but these demos are all actual code- no Flash mock-ups here. Right now my biggest concern is bandwidth (isn't that always the case) due to the event and capacity of the venue at the Hilton. Things seem to have sped up though in recent hours.

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The big news (slightly before the announcement) from CES courtsy of Michael Gartenberg, Microsoft creates their own standalone DVR platform:
Bill Gates announced as part of his keynote Microsoft is releasing a standalone DVR/DVD-Burner platform to compete with the likes of TiVo. First to market will be a new box from LG later this year. These units will have a look and feel similar to the Media Center PC platform.

Update: Here are more details from a Microsoft press release. I obviously can't comment on anything more :).

Today's announcement also includes the extension of the Media Center experience to a new category of devices: DVD recorders with Microsoft DVR software. Microsoft is partnering with LG Electronics Inc. to deliver the first combination DVD recorder and 160GB hard-disc-drive (HDD) recorder, scheduled to be available by fall 2005. The LG Electronics model LRM-519 HDD DVD recorder will make it easier for people to find, record and burn TV shows to DVD, offering a greater choice for enjoying digital entertainment through seamless connectivity with Windows XP- and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PCs. When connected to any Windows XP-based PC, the LRM-519 DVD recorder will enable customers to access their photos, music and videos stored on the PC via their TV. In addition, customers will be able to watch TV recorded from the DVD recorder on any Windows XP-based PC and then take it on the go with a Portable Media Center device. The LG model LRM-519 HDD will support the PlaysForSure logo program.

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