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Permalink to this day Sunday, December 19, 2004

So what kind of Media Center PC would a someone who works on Media Center build for his family back home in Canada? Here is what I've built:

Total cost for you to build: ~$817


  • The Shuttle barebones kit was very easy to put together and came with all the necessary parts. If you buy this kit you don't need to buy retail parts.
  • Fan is a little bit noisy. update: I opened up the case and I had put the heat sink on incorrectly. So I fixed that I ran the cabling differently and it is a bit quieter.
  • Newegg shipped me the wrong CPU socket type even though I ordered the correct one. I then had to go buy the CPU at my local computer store for $104+tax. Arghhh! I now have to fit with Newegg to return what the shipped me (which I opened because I didn't realize it was the wrong CPU type until I tried to insert it).
  • Photo without the case on
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to enable s-video out... Turns out I needed to use the cable that came with the card, my other cables weren't making a solid connection.
  • I have this Shuttle MCE hooked up to my Samsung 46" DLP via VGA and you can definitely tell a different in quality between it and my Gateway 901x with a Radeon 9800 Pro connected over DVI.
  • Now I'm having problems with getting DVD playback working. Ugh. Update: I install the latest chipset drivers for my system as well as new video drivers and now DVD playback is working.

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As thanks for shipping Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (could have come up with a worse product name??) everyone on the team receives a Ship It Award and also a Ship It Present. This year our present is a translucent green remote control and IR receiver. What makes the IR receiver cool is that it is signed by Bill Gates. What makes the remote control cool is that it is a learning remote control so you can teach it to turn off your TV and control the volume on your receiver. This is a very welcome addition to our home as now we are down to one remote control! Finally I could move a couple more remotes to our remote control graveyard behind the TV.

Photo of the remote control and IR receiver.
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Picture of my Media Center setup annotated at Flickr.

Post describing my setup.
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