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Permalink to this day Friday, December 03, 2004

Michael Creasy, Media Center Geek Dinner:
If you're interested in Media Center come join us for dinner at Crossroads in Bellevue next Thursday (the 9th) at 6pm.

I'll be there.
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TweakMCE for Media Center 2005 is now available via the Winter Fun Pack.


  • It will be available as a seperate download soon
  • It is only for Media Center 2005 USA
  • I was the program manager for this project.
  • Thanks to Hugh and Dean for coding this up.
  • Thanks to Michelle for helping me navigate the red tape to get it released.
  • Thanks to Katrina for making the text understandable.
  • Thanks to Gabe for getting this out the door.

So what can you change with the TweakMCE power toy?

  • General
    • Show your wireless password when you are keying it in instead of hiding it
    • Disable autorun of Interactual content
    • Change the DVD notification timeout
  • TV
    • Change the skip forward interval
    • Change the skip back interval
    • Change the storage location for recorded TV
    • Change the watched folders for recorded TV
    • Change the length of time a notification appears before a recording starts
    • Change reaction time compensation
    • Change the more info panel timeout
    • Change the seek bar timeouts
  • Music
    • Make the pivots in the music area sticky
    • Turn off that annonying add to queue notification
  • Reomte Control
    • Enable a universal remote control by turning off debounce
    • Set your remote control ID so you can have multiple MCEs in one room
  • Extender
    • Turn off the TV skin
    • Turn off network congestion dialogs
    • Turn off IE warnings

Some of those settings could have entire blog posts written about them which I hope to do soon.

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