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Permalink to this day Monday, November 08, 2004

Thomas Hawk on the announcement of Microsoft software (MSTV) running on Comcast cable boxes:
So let me see if I get this one straight. If I'm a Comcast subscriber I can get a box from Comcast for a nominal monthly fee that runs Microsoft software that can record HDTV or I can go out and spend $1,500 on a Microsoft Media Center PC that cannot record HDTV content from my very same provider Comcast.

The box this is using is a Motorola DCT6412 with a 120 gig hard drive (and it looks just like my current set top box).

So to answer Thomas's question why would you keep your MCE, it's because with the Comcast service:

  • You can't get any of the content off to other devices. I.e. burn to dvd, copy to external hard drive, portable media center or media center extender, other cable boxes in your house
  • You can't add more storage
  • You can't connect your camera or video camera
  • You can't frame advance, slow mo, fast mo..
  • You can't put your own applications on the box
  • You can't put your own photos, music, or videos on the box

Some other tidbits...

  • It records the MPEG2 stream so it will fill up fast
  • If you're smart you can pull non-encrypted content off. See this AVS Forum thread

But hey, being able to record two HD shows at once is pretty cool and you can bet that if I had Comast I'd order it and use it inconjunction with my MCE.
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