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Big companies vs Startups

Auren Hoffman recently blogged about Why big high tech companies are losing the talent war and I agree with his general premise of why would you would not join a big company when you can join a startup. The points … Continue reading

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Redfin circa 2006

Trevor recently blogged about his agent interview here at Redfin, My Interview at Redfin: Redfin has the feeling like “Something big is going to happen.” I wonder if this is what Google felt like in 1998, or Microsoft in 1988? … Continue reading

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Redfin is hiring SDEs, SDETs, Agents, Etc.

I found out today that we have a surprising amount of open head count right now. So just a reminder that Redfin is hiring. We’re looking for everything from engineers/programmers (SDEs) to kick ass test engineers/quality assurance (SDETs) to agents. … Continue reading

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Sea to SF

This morning I flew the Redfin corporate jet to San Francisco (and of course bought a Terrapass to offset the carbon emissions). And of course the theme music to the trip was Album Leaf’s One Day I’ll Be On Time. … Continue reading

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