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Salumi Lunch

On Thursday a handful of us snuck off for a two hour, reserve months ahead, lunch at Salumi’s. While we went home full;l I have to say that it didn’t live up to the hype. I’m sticking to sandwiches. Shahaf’s … Continue reading

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No Pizza Pops in Seattle?

Last night I was craving some Pizza Pops (here’s a commercial [wmv]) last night and was surprised that even though I live next to probably one of the largest QFCs in the world, they didn’t have any! I couldn’t believe … Continue reading

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John you should have gone to Argentina

Yesterday John headed off to Tunisia (I had to look it up on a map..). While out with him this weekend we grilled home on questions about where he was going and why. What baffled us was that he didn’t … Continue reading

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On the rare occasion I decide to cook I definitely like to go organic and so Megnut’s recent posts on the subject caught my eye. Recently she linked to the following which when I have a few minutes I’ll read … Continue reading

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