Recovering My 3rd Stolen Bike

Last spring we were living for a month in our rental condo. Since the condo is small I kept my bike down in the garage. Unfortunately the bike rack was installed too close to the wall and there were many bikes so I was unable to directly lock my bike to the rack and instead used a cable lock. Of course I know better but it was only for a month.

Sure enough I come home from a week in Palm Springs to find my bike gone.

First thing I did was hop on Craigslist. Imagine my luck to find:

I just found a Specialized Allez Elite that was pretty obviously stolen. The cable part of the lock is cut and its missing a few pieces. I know a lot about bikes and have had many bikes stolen from me in other states.

If this is YOUR bike then message or call me and tell me a few specifics. It is a very nice bike and someone is likely very, very upset right now.

Get in touch with me and if you see someone trying to steal a bike, break them.


I gave elad a call. Turns out he lived a block away so I was reunited with my bike less than ten minutes after having discovered it missing.

Thank you Elad for finding my bike dumped behind a nightclub and reaching out through Craigslist!

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