Cover App Promo Code + Review

Get a $10 credit with the Cover app by using that link to sign up, or try promo code matt-bsdhp.

Since the advent of Uber I’ve wanted something similar for restaurants so you don’t need to wait for your check. Enter Cover, though only available in a handful of cities.

We used it this morning to pay for brunch and it did exactly as promised. We notified our server we using Cover so when we were done we just got up and left. Which does feel a little weird! Since it was me with some friends, Cover makes it easy to split the bill n-ways. However, you can’t split it by dollar amount. You also don’t get an itemized receipt unless you ask the restaurant for one.

I did have an issue receiving a text message with a link to the app to sign up but someone from their team delivered great customer service via Twitter in minutes.

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