Mammut Pro RAS 35L Airbag Review (versus the Mammut RAS 30L)

Just pulled the trigger on a Mammut Pro RAS 35L Airbag!

After much debate about the Mammut Ride RAS 30L versus the Mammut Pro RAS 35L I opted for the Pro 35L for a few reasons:

  • Two ice axe loops versus zero. Given that I live in the Pacific Northwest and do a lot of ski mountaineering in the spring seemed short sighted not to get a pack with at least one ice axe loop
  • I’m not a weight nazi and like an extra layer or two. Figured the extra 5L would come in handy
  • Full zip access to the back
  • Nalgene pockets on the sides of the pack (or shove your skins in em

I’d definitely recommend reading through the TGR thread on the packs or either of the Wildsnow reviews, Mammut Ride RAS 30L Airbag Pack — First Look Review and Mammut Ride RAS 30 Airbag Pack Review.

Why Mammut RAS? I really like how easy it should be to transfer the airbag between a day back and an overnight pack.

Why the Mammut over the BCA Float? The Mammut appears to have a much higher build quality and is lighter.

Why the Mammut over the North Face Patrol 24 ABS? The Mammut, while expensive, is cheaper.

Why the Mammut over the ABS System? I don’t like the look of how packs zip onto the ABS basepack system. Plus the Mammut is lighter and cheaper. (My friend picked one up for really cheap on Steep and Cheap though.)

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Now these bags can be hard to track down, especially online. I picked mine up from my “local” ski shop, Pro Guiding / Pro Ski in North Bend.

In terms of setting it up, I found watching this video helpful:

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2 Responses to Mammut Pro RAS 35L Airbag Review (versus the Mammut RAS 30L)

  1. Madeleine Lagergren says:

    Hi =)
    Thank my you for your review. I wondered where you got your helmet strap from?
    I would very much like to get a hold of one

    With best regards Madeleine

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    Hi Madeleine, it came with the bag!

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