Lost: Single K2 Darkside 181

Since it worked for my bike thought I’d give blogging about my lost ski in the hopes that someone finds it and Googles “lost K2 Darkside Stevens Pass backside” :).

Back in February on our way heli skiing I lost one of my K2 Darksides (181 in length) in a small tumble.

I have desperately tried to find it:

1. Dug for an hour
2. Enlisted help of friends
3. Went back up later and met with ski patrol to show them where I lost the ski so they might try and find it with Recco
4. We went backcountry skiing once the resort closed and most of the snow melted
5. In the summer we hiked up with almost all the snow gone

It is skier’s right of the Jupiter chair. You can see the chair from where I lost it. However, without snow the area where I lost it is pretty steep and rocky.

I had a GPS on when I last went hiking to find it:

And since not finding the ski I’m giving up on it! But not entirely! So if anyone finds a K2 Dark Side at Stevens Pass I will gladly buy you a bottle of whatever your favorite drink is.

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