Recovered My Second Stolen Bike!

Holy shit! I’ve just recovered my second stolen bike. I can’t believe it!

This morning I was shocked to get an email with the subject, “stolen commencal”:

Hi, I believe I have found your bike?! sadly it is not all in one piece as shown in your blog photo (missing wheels and seat). I will check the seat post tube for a crack when I get home today! Please respond so I can verify it is yours. Would love to get it back to its owner!

After an email back and forth I called the guy tonight and heard that a month ago he saw it locked up (but missing wheels and seat) on a bike rack on Westlake. After driving by it for a few weeks he called the police since as a biker he knew it was a sweet bike. After getting nowhere with the police he recovered the bike with a friend. A quick google search later he found me!


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