Partying on Shasta Island at Crescent Bar

This past Friday we ditched Seattle’s non-summer and headed east over the mountains to Sunserra at Crescent Bar, just a few hours outside of Seattle. ResortWorks hooked us up with two great places right on the golf course (the fence was perfect for late night planking).

The big highlight of Crescent Bar (if you’re not into golfing or wine) is the beach at Shasta Island aka Pastie Beach. However, to get there you need a boat, and alas, I sold my boat. Fortunately you can rent one, so we got a party barge from Pro Touch Jet Ski Rental (trust me, boat rental looks expensive but it is so much cheaper than ownership! I really want a fractional boat ownership program in Seattle). I met them Saturday morning, with a slight hangover, as it was just starting to rain. Wait, isn’t it supposed to always be sunny in Eastern Washington!?

Fortunately the rain held off as we loaded up the boat and headed south to Shasta Island.

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It was a little mellow because of the weather. But it can get crazy! Check out this time lapse video from labor day weekend last year:

From planking:

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To owling:

To games:

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To running down sand dunes:

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We had a blast!

When you’re not partying on Shasta Island the other place to hang out is the only bar in town, The Sandtrap, which attracts all sorts of characters. And on Saturday night there is a mechanical bull (I’m still bruised.)

To recover from Saturday’s craziness we lounged at the pool.

Thanks to Chels for organizing!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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