Flylow Stash Pant Review

I first read about Flylow in Inc Magazine, I could build a $1 million company or ski 100 days a year. I choose to do both and have it all, and was instantly intrigued about their story. Then I noticed Flylow sponsoring showings of local ski movies and then I dug in more and more and liked what I read. This year I also needed a new pair of pants and obsessed about what to get. Fortunately finding a pair of pants with cargo pockets, venting and in not-black was easier than my search for a jacket has been.

So after months of eyeing them online I got a pair of Flylow Stash Pants in Charcoal, size medium, from Chelsea for Christmas.

After a few months of use inbound, two heli trips, two backcountry trips here’s my quick review…

  • Looks: Initially I was worried they were too baggy and was going to send them back but now, I think I was just used to skinny ski pants :).
  • Sizing: I wear a 33W 30L Levi’s and I find the waist on them just a wee bit tight even with the waist adjusters let out all the way. Wish I could have tried out a pair of larges to compare…
  • Functionality: I love the cargo pockets and cross venting. In windy conditions they’ve held up great. In wet conditions I haven’t been wet.
  • Wear and tear: so far so good though there are a few small tears on the cuffs. Perhaps it’d be better if they wrapped the tougher material all the way around instead of just putting it on the inside of the leg.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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2 Responses to Flylow Stash Pant Review

  1. tom alphin says:

    What ski pant did you use before these? I’m totally addicted to bib pants for when snowboarding or doing snowy weather travel such as mountaineering. The higher back means you never get snow down your back.

    That said, the pockets on my Arcteryx bibs are nearly nonexistant; a couple cargo pockets for snacks would be a great convenience.

  2. Matt Goyer says:

    Hey Tom!

    I had a pair of North Face pants, not bibs, but they had suspenders and cargo pockets. Flylow has a pair of bibs and if they came in grey I’d probably have gotten them instead: But looks like they don’t have cargo pockets.

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